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  1. great video. love the way malias long pussy lips hang down. to bad leora wouldn't make direct contact with malias pussy the way malia made contact with leoras pussy
  2. great video ulysse123 Love when she licks her nipples The only thing that would make it better would be if she would rub a little pussy juice on her nipples before licking them and also if she could suck her nipples as well as licking them
  3. ulysse again your videos are awesome I hope she gets some nipple clamps because obviously her nipples are sooooooooooooooooooooo sensitive, and that was one awesome cameltoe she had
  4. great videos ulysse123 your work is outstanding. obviously leora has very sensitive nipples and ass since she plays with them so much she should get some nipple clamps and jeweled butt plug that she could wear all day
  5. great video ulysee123 loved when she took her finger out of her ass rubbed her nipple with it then licked her nipple so erotic
  6. great great videos thanks for posting.. I love how wet her pussy gets and those juices shine. Love the audio of her pleasure. Love that she has new toys. Would love to see her suck her own nipples and would love to see her lick clean her toy after it was in her ass. She is gorgeous and insatiable
  7. leoras ass and pussy need to be caressed fondled kissed licked eaten and fucked all day long and I think im the man to do it
  8. damn been watching her gyrate for an hour and now she has moved off to the bedroom please come back to living room or guest room
  9. thank you to all that upload the videos and photos
  10. love all these videos its amazing how shiny her dildo gets with her cum, would love to see her use that dildo on her ass and would gladly buy a pair of her cum soaked panties after she cleans herself up after orgasm
  11. love the way her pussy glistens with her juices. would also love to know what she watches on her phone that gets her so horned up
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