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  1. it's a very long and old story .......
  2. DE is back. A lot of discussion to come on this forum
  3. Nina's mom and dad read the book written by Kira.
  4. you have the right not to love them but you know they often party ... (apart from the apartment ..🤣🤣). They are the oldest couple on the CC forums (5 and a half) It is that they must please many.
  5. one day I will have it ......😸
  6. After these very interesting discussions, an image of Kira having fun
  7. beautiful explanations, I share 100% your opinion.
  8. That cannot be explained. Perhaps their love fascines us,
  9. Personally, I went on RLC out of curiosity, I discovered N / K and I never left them ... but, you're right, 95% of my time on VH is for Nina and Kira. On RLC I also followed other apartments (Adriana & daniel, Kristy & kamilia & kaley). Sorry.
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