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  1. Nothing says girls go on weekends to have sex, there are a lot of other things to do including going with their families separately.
  2. So there you are very, very strong, without looking you are making your own judgment just if you are told. Me, who thought that people who posted were watching VHTV, I fall stunned. So if I tell you that this apartment is not boring, you will post to say that the apartment is great.
  3. in fact I see that all those who do not think like you have no interest. don't forget that you are just a little voyeur like all of us here. So stop telling us you don't watch girls and really do it. Stop judging you probably don't have the quality
  4. too old, and we French are not very good at foreign languages
  5. "Je vois plutôt une chance en eux comme une menace" Sorry but the French translation doesn't mean anything.
  6. here some people complain about the new generation who spend their time on new technologies, but as they say at home "you have to sweep in front of your door". It is true that discussing on the forums, watching VHTV it dates from the 15th century. ..and that only young people watch !!Finally I admit I am not very young and I use smartphone, tablet, computer .... don't you?
  7. Je lui donne vos coordonnées pour une consultation
  8. interesting discussions may take place elsewhere. About a much more important part of their life that they allow us to follow and who believe me is much less boring than you think. I'm still amazed that you still follow the girls (since RLC) but hey you have the right to be bored. I find that seeing a couple live in a classic way is interesting from a sociological point of view. Among their many occupations they call VHTV (after RLC) their voyeur project. I agree that the house is a bit big, and yet you haven't seen the huge garden. J'espère que la traduction google sera correct.
  9. 1: no. Several: yes. In France, donations to charities are tax deductible (60%), I think girls are part of this category, they do so much good to those who watch them.😹
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