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New girl Nita

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Leona and Nita


Nita asks Leona: Do you miss having sex?

L says that when she is at home they do it 3-4 times a week and when she leaves she does not feel that need. More than sex she likes to cuddle. She loves to cuddle and just lie there. Besides, he usually reads a book. L likes it when he strokes her and shows N how she wants it from him. She laughs that often she tells him jokingly: Lots of guys would like to have me, and only you have the ability to stroke my hand. You can be proud of it.

N tells L how once after sex she was stroking him and suddenly felt that she was excited again.

L says she likes when it is quiet while she sleeps. She lives with Sasha in an area where there is absolute silence at night. They talk about girls again. According to them, they do not like the girls very much and they do not like Renata the most. L says she's not a party girl. Yesterday she danced with the girls and she felt tired. She would rather run than dance. N says she also likes to sleep rather than stay late. Nita claims that girls are not from Europe and certainly not from Europe is Zlata. N says something about her I-phone. Later N says something about train travel. L asks how much time she must go to him. N: 4 hours. L: It's like Hamburg to Frankfurt.

Then we learn that Nita is studying. L wants to know what. N says she will be an environmentalist but she can not say nothing more about her studies. L says she has basic education. The school has 12 grades and she has not finished 11th grade. It took her a long time to do photo-shoots and besides, the education ceased to interest her.

L sums up the need for a rich husband. Then, tomorrow we will set our plans. Slowly they comment on. L: Old woman. They like nice pictures and that's all. N: They like nice pictures and gorge themselves. N goes to the toilet. They fall asleep

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Great. Many thanks kitek...From the conversation it doesn't look like they know that much about each other which suggests they aren't as close friends as we thought they'd be...:confused:

L sums up the need for a rich husband
Now where have I seen this before...

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1 hour ago, Noldus said:

Nita left B2 on Saturday November 4th 2017 after 32 days in bed or on the couch when she was in the apartment

Bye bye Nita...You're a sweet girl who was really only here to chill and keep your mate company while she was working...I hope you have a healthy and happy life and I wish you every success with your modelling...:biggrin:
Take care and have a safe trip
Naga :heart:

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