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  1. No, that's Ana...She's not as shy...πŸ™„
  2. Thank you Sofie and Adri...I really enjoyed Sofie's bate...a damn sight more than the fake show in Adri's room before...And thank you Adri...stay away from the shows, you're great solo...❀️
  3. They were in a different room 😏...and it was a blatant attempt to get top cam...IMO
  4. This was more disappointing than Liverpool losing the Champions League final tonight!!. I try not to post negative stuff on here if I can help it but that show tonight was verging on pathetic...I need to escape from RLC for a little while I think...
  5. Not quite...Apparently Mila bated, but I didn't see it...😏
  6. I could be cruel here Sergio, but I won't because I'm really a nice bloke...You didn't miss anything because it was pretty much hidden...πŸ˜‰
  7. So can we look forward to a 3 girl lezfest then?...😏
  8. Must be going on another trip then...😏
  9. Well don't watch them then!...There are 22 other apts and 51 other residents, not including guests...I respect your opinion about this apt, as I respect everyone's here on everything, but you don't have to ram it down our throats every post Ze...Just saying...πŸ˜•
  10. Samantha and Emily walk around naked or semi naked, and now this great bate by Angie...This is several notches above when Glasha and Sonya were living there, excluding the parties... I Hope this will silence 1 or 2 of the R2 bashers, which was getting rather monotonous...😏
  11. 17.21...they returned. Must have been taking in the local scenery...
  12. They're not ready for that stuff yet, or ever, IMO...
  13. You were ready for that Candy...Glad you enjoyed i πŸ˜‰t. It's the longest she's been off her phone...We've been spoilt with Karol, Jasmin, Amina and Anita and there BF's...Being covered 1st time is understandable, IMO...
  14. Candy and Mr Candy are obviously taking on board all of this fuel in preparation for their marathon sex session tonight...😏
  15. I wonder if Naomi is going to bed earlier because she has to be up early for studying in the mornings...She left the apt 08.26 this morning, returning at 12.41, and yesterday she left 08.28, returning at 12.38. Both days she returned with a notepad...This pattern might have gone on for a while but I've only just noticed it...
  16. I'll have to see how it work cos I wasn't here then...There are a hell of a lot more apts and residents compared with back then...But we discussed this last week so I'm just gonna hang fire on it until it kicks in...
  17. nagachilli2

    Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Welcome Baer...It might have something to do with her injuries and she want some space...
  18. So before we know it he'll be in the bath with the 5 girls...πŸ™ƒ
  19. It's unusual for me to finish on this thread but U'll bid you all goodnight...
  20. Have you seen The Secretary...😏...and it doesn't feature any dogs...πŸ‘