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New Feature - HTML 5 Audio/Video Support


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I am pleased to announce that we've added a builtin HTML 5 Audio/Video player to the forum.  You can now upload and play webm, ogv, mp4, avi, 3gp files directly in forum posts.  You can also embed remotely hosted files by simply pasting the link in a post.  This may seem like a small change, but it's a feature that I've wanted for a VERY long time as it greatly expands the media capabilities of the forum. Put simply, this enables us to display videos directly within forum posts rather than just having the ability to upload a video file or link to an external video link. 

For example: 

Here is a remotely hosted .WebM video file. All I had to do was post the link: 



Here is an Embedded .WebM file: 



Note: If you click on the square brackets in the bottom right hand corner you can view the file in full screen at the native resolution, you can also download the file by clicking on the down arrow. 

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