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You must have heard about this group because they make the news every day - if not in the main headlines something that the likes of the great George Takei feels the need to put on FB, well actually he's much quieter nowadays, and then it becomes a gathering storm. 
It just takes a man to say something ill though out or honest about women and he becomes a social media demon whose career must be ended forthwith. I am not talking about a genuine menace to society here like Harvey Weinstein or indeed Kevin Spacey (not much of a threat to women) but people who dare to claim that actually women are different emotionally and do have slightly different brains (the spectra overlap but they certainly aren't centred in the same place) because of different hormones and maybe location and density of neurons or are not actually the same sexually.
Women for years campaigned against gender bias in schools leading to boys getting better results but then all of a sudden girls got better results widening the gap each year (as exams were dumbed down or at least the marking suddenly became more lenient) and suddenly it was not an issue or girls were only doing better because boys were lazy and feckless. However if any reason had been given why girls were performing worse other than gender bias I can guarantee whoever said it nowadays would be hounded out of whatever career they were in.
And that's another thing, whenever there is less than 50% representation somewhere they demand that some form of positive discrimination be put in but it is very selective. e.g. I have never once heard women appeal against the shocking lack of women down the mines, nor do they seem to have  a problem with the massive gender imbalance in teaching and to a less extent nursing. None of them ever suggest that somehow it is down to gender stereotyping just their ability to be more empathetic ... again they seem keen to list all the things women are better at but don't recognise that men are better at anything than having bad traits.
Finally and this does get to me. Female newsreaders come on and men may well be thinking "she looks hot tonight" but then a women will suddenly say "I don't like her outfit. Has she got fatter?" and then blame the men for judging them. It irritates me but should any of them say this on social media a torrent of abuse will follow saying they are body shaming or that men aren't judged by their clothes in a superficial way ... and somehow it is all men's fault for creating a society in which other women objectify each other. Whatever it is all the fault of the male of the species who should now know his place.

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