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I always ask myself this question when someone posts this kinda thing, "would they share with me?" Probably  not! I dare say that they will answer "yes I would" Well in that case get an account yourself.

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i diddnt think anybody would share there account with me has the saying goes you dont know till you ask.

also the reason i havnt brought one myself is because i dont have a card or such way to pay also i wouldnt really wanna pay that much money just to not use the account.

another reason ive asked for if someone would be kind enoth to share an account is because ive seen or rather shell i say heard things in bedrooms where other users has missed. how do i know that you might ask? well i havnt seen the caps posted a day or 2 after

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I wouldn't share my account because they are probably monitoring it so they would see two different users, possibly from other part of the world (yeah, could be VPN but they don't give a fuck), are logged in at the same time which means 1 x subscription but 2 x user = less money for them and I think they would ban you for it.

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