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Couples Poll


Which couple is the most entertaining/fun to watch?  

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  1. 1. Which couple is the most entertaining/fun to watch?

    • Ana & Danna
    • Alina & Anton
    • Nora & Kiko
    • Max & Lora
    • Gia & Ian
    • Mark & Lina

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For me its Ana and Danna :)

I don't know who is Ana and who is Danna bit its a lot of fun to see they sometimes  ;D

Are a lesbian yourself?

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To me, Mark & Lina are the "most entertaining", though they're not even on the list.

My FAVORITE to watch is Nora & Kiko, but only because I think she's the best looking of all of them. And he's not a gamer.

Added Mark & Lina. I don't know how I missed that. Thanks.

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Nothing is simple with me.  When the parameters are set at "most entertaining/fun to watch", that brings a number of issues to consider:

Sex:  Probably the most important...and the one that most will base their choice upon.  For me, it was a tough call between Nora&Kiko and Lora&Max.  I decided on Lora&Max because the first time I saw them have sex, Lora attacked Max while he was sleeping...licked his asshole...and ended up with a pearl necklace.  That was probably more fun for me than anything I've seen from any of the other couples.

Everyday Life:  This is "Real Life Cam", after all.  Here I have to go, hands down, with Lora&Max.  They party at home more than any of the other couples.  They have more of a variety of guests.  And, heck, it's funny as hell watching Max do karaoke.

Drama:  All of the couples have had drama in their lives...except Lina&Mark.  Mark is a little boy and Lina is his indulging mother.  She doesn't get angry at anything he does.  I would have said the most entertaining/fun to watch drama was from Olga&Sergey...but they are gone.  That leaves Ana&Danna as my choice.

So...based on these items, my choice is Lora&Max.

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