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It's Cool For Cats!!! (& Dogs)

van the man

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Guest Squirrel

A thread for the animals of RLC

Name suggestions....Lora's cat  - its got to be 'Whiskey'; Maya's cat - 'Hairspray'; Maya's dog = 'Mr Ed'; Alina's cat - 'Blanket'; Isabel's dog - 'Bouncer'; Nora's dog - 'Happychap'; Alma's cat - 'Joystick';

Any alternative thoughts?

This is an excellent idea, but I'd like to offer up just a couple alternatives:

Lora's cat --- Fritz (after R.Crumb's invention. see attached below.This cat is sooo fricken cool.)

Maya's cat--- Ambien

Maya's dog---Qualude

Isabel's dog--Meth Freak

Kiko's Dog---yes, it is KIKO's, ---Happychap (That's an incredibly perfect name.)

Alma's cat--- Joystick isn't bad, but we could also name it Salsa

Still, we can't leave out Alma's bunny (I think he works undercover for the RLC Admin) and Maya's fish. That's gonna take some work.



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Never noted Lora to be a hard drinker. I always thought that they were drinking beer. I never caught the pour, just that they would sorta sip it, instead of just drink it.

At least they don't smoke it like these idiots do here. I watched a vid of these morons pouring vodka over dry ice and sucking up the vapors as they rolled out of the glass.

Whatever happened to just enjoying a drink? I like the buzz. I don't want to get instantly smashed. Then you are surely useless to your date.

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Hey, wait a minute. I went though the 60's. I remember Dad taking the family to the park and all of the 'hippies' would be laying around naked, smoking weed, droppin' acid and having orgies.

Little did I know what type of political statement they were making.

The beginnings of my voyeur days. What does a kid do when you tell them not to do it?.....

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Don't knock it ..LOL .. that was some of my intro to sex  .  At a 70's party all these pill popping guys would be laying on the floor sleeping or off in never never land and all these horny girls there not getting any attention  .  The party was boring ... girls were great  .

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