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Who's having the most sex?

TBG 150

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You can tell by the replies in Woofs' thread who's really active and being watched and who is boring as bat shit.

#1 on the list is Leora and Paul with a 19.

#2 is Isabel & Marc with an 18.

#3 is Alma & Stephan at 15.

#4 is Maya & Stepan in at 12.

Then it falls off fast with Lora and Max at a 6

Nora and Kiko at a 3 and

Alina & Anton at a wopping 2 comments.

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I think Isabel and Alma have the most sex (Isabel clearly having the most), but Leora is going to have more comments just because she mas more of a fan base. Alina/Anton have a decent amount of sex but unfortunately nobody pays attention to this couple anymore (they're still my favorite couple). A while back, they had sex three different times without anyone saying a single word about it. Nora and Max definitely have the least amount.

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Probably because Nora and Max don't live together.  ;)

Damn we need to get some good emoticons here. These are boring. Let's step it up Woof. I'll tell you how to get in and send you the files if want me too.

-1 Nij, intentional or not.

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Guest Squirrel

I couldn't help but notice that Isabel's dog "Meth" gets in the most pillow-humping time. Other than that, it seems like the rest of the animals are deprived.

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