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Lora and Max


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Alright you old timers. Anybody have any info on Lora's kid or how they are doing since leaving RLC all prego? She had nice boobs so that kid should be big and healthy. haha   He/she ought to be what, 5 or 6 now?

I sometimes wonder how ol Harvey made out after Ariel broke his heart? And Nora, she hasn't cycled through for a while. I know I shouldn't give a hoot, but sometimes I feel like they all are old friends. After all, they shared their personal lives with us for a time.

Wouldn't it be cool to know some of their history since leaving?

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Lora and Max

Damn. You minded me just how much I miss Meerkat.

These were back in the day when the tenants were real, and didn't play to the cams.

Nora still has her friends at the RLC apts, and I suspect they do business (and have some fun) when she visits them there. Other than that, she's not the same Queen she used to be.

I haven't heard anything; if I did, it would need to be through PMs, not posted in public forums. Even real life isn't what it used to be on CC. 😥


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