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I don't know why I'm starting this thread and there might already be a thread like this already.

Tonight, in a few minutes, I'm going over to my son's house to eat Jalapeño & Habanero hamburgers with Blackbuck smoked sausage with a spicy dip for an appetizer with fresh green beans and corn on the cob cooked on the pit. With spinach salad and artichokes with lemon butter sauce.  Now doesn't that just sound delish!!!

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47 minutes ago, ARMY SNIPER said:

pepper GIF by kate spade new york     you'll be like     chilli GIF 

It was really not that hot at all.  You don't use any of the Jalapeño or Habanero seeds when you make them.  It's just outstanding flavor with I minor heat factor.  When we make our sausage every year and we make the Jalapeño/Habanero sausage, we use all the pure white seeds from the Jalapeños (if the Jalapeño seeds are not pure white it will make anything you put them in taste real bitter....hot sauce included) but none of the seeds from the Habanero peppers and the heat factor comes out just right.  The sausage has a nice bite to it but it's not to hot to where you are sweating.  Plus that way it doesn't burn when coming out the other end if you get what I'm saying.

That ladies mouth is on fire in that GIF LMAO

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