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Just a random RLC poll


Who is the best RLC couple?  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the best RLC couple?

    • Leora & Paul
    • Lora & Max
    • Alina & Anton
    • Maya & Stepan
    • Nora & Kiko
    • Isabel & Marcelo
    • Alma & Stefan

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;) I wanted to make a fun poll, since im new to camcaps why not start out with something fun?

i wanted to see who is everyones favorite household couple

whether its fighting or sex or just sitting on the computer, Who does it better?

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I really only care about Alina/Anton's house. I'll occasionally check out Maya/Stepan or Alma/Stefan but not too often.

i always hope the best for alina, because i feel like she is a really nice person shes just stuck with anton

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NO !!!!! Lora's cat is the best. That cat is part human and it's got a great home.

:p all cats are the best. i remember i first saw alinas cat and thought it jumped out of the window cause of the lighting,but it was just a balcony

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Yeah, looks like I'm the only one that voted for Lora. I just thought that this seemed to be the most stable home environment on the board. No fighting, both work, both good looking, clean and the cat is the coolest.

Then again, maybe I didn't understand the intended meaning of the poll either.  :'(

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