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Lets see where this one goes, haha!


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No way!!! The best thing about being home alone is leaving the toilet door open!!! It's totally liberating!!!!

Ooooh no Vanny, I have to disagree witchu on this one! The BEST thing being home alone as told by the great Chris Rock, is the freedom of doing the "Nobody-Ain't-Home" jerk!!! Not the "Someone-in-the-other-Room" jerk, no, that's a bad jerk!

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Van...Are you listening in on me when I'm working on a really serious project and things aren't going as planned?

Try putting an 11 year difference interior in a car and then tell me how much you swear. I won't do that again.

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That car was made for the short generation. The trunk was made for the Mafia and the back seat was made for no one taller than 5 feet tall. The trunk will fit about 20 bodies if you cut them up right, the hood or bonnet, to van the man will hold 2 engines in there, but there's no friggin leg room inside.

With this new interior, I picked up 4 more inches of legroom for the front seat people. But I had to swap side to side the power mount assemblies. On the long trips that I make to shows, it can really get cramped in there and you feel like a hunchback when you get out.

Today was the first decent ride I've had for about 6 months. It sputtered and coughed a few times when I stomped on it, but then after the cloud I left behind, she ran nice again.

I'm hoping to get up about 300 miles north of here in 2 weeks.

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Guest Squirrel

"Let's see where this one goes, haha!"

Whelp, we start with shitting in front of others,  and we end up talking about cars... (How could this happen on little ol' CamCaps?  ??? )



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Huh?????? WTF????? Ziva. At least it's a close resemblance. I'd have to see the feet to know for sure. You know how I'm a sucker for pretty feet. I'd drink her bathwater. Where the hell did you find that one?

Be it known, that pic is now saved. That there would resurrect an old dude quick.

Spankin' material fo sho.

You made my day. Thank you.

That was so good, I even gave you a +1. Hope you're not pissed !!!

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