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Dog poops on floor

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Just saw the poor dog get punished once more for taking a dump in the hall.

These people gotta understand, the dog won't learn shit if you just beat and yell at them.

You can't spend the evening watching tv, then go to bed and sleep half the fucking day without walking the dog. Atleast take a 5-10 minute walk before going to bed, or just don't sleep all the damn day.

Back when I had a dog I walked her atleast once every 2-3 hours, only time I woke up to find something on the floor was when she was still a puppy. I would happily take her for walks every day for the rest of my life, but sadly that won't happen since she died of age a couple of years back. :/

My point is, if you get a dog, be ready to take care of the dog. Don't be a fucking idiot.

I apologize for my language.

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