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Leora, Malia - Pictures (2020)


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This Thread is for Pictures & Comments Relating to the Pictures


- Commenting is allowed but it is to pertain to the Topic of the Pictures that have been Posted.

- Do not use the Picture Topics as a source for General Chat. If this is abused then the Picture Topics may be reverted to Pictures Only.

- Pictures Posted must be from this Apartment Only. Any Images not from the Apartment will be Removed Without Notice.

- Any Comments that are not about the Pictures Posted must be placed in the General Chat Thread for this Apartment or an Appropriate Thread that is suitable for the Subject at hand. If there is no suitable Topic then create a New Topic. Every Member has the ability to do that Task.


- Due to the Large Volumes of Pictures in Some Picture Threads There is a 5 Picture Maximum for Each Post.
(This is done to keep the Page Load Time Running Smoothly & Less Scrolling is Involved)

(Example:  If you have 20 Pictures make 4 Posts with 5 Pictures each)

- You Must Use a Third Party Upload Hosting Site for Posting Pictures in Open Forums of RLC.

** Do Not Post Attachments in Open RLC Forums. Any Placement of Attachments in Open Forums of RLC Boards will be Removed Without Notice. **

- If You Wish to Use Attachments for RLC Place the Images in the Premium Members Only Boards.


Posting Pictures Using Third Party Hosting Services

- There is a Possibility that the Picture Content Posted Could be Removed from the Third Party Hosting Servers by Means of a DMCA Takedown Which is Ordered by Reallifecam (RLC) or possibly the Time Allotted to be Held on the Server has Expired from Inactivity. 

- CamCaps.net Assumes No Responsibility for Picture Content Placed on Third Party Hosting Sites.

- If You See:   (Image Content No Longer Available)  Means the Picture was Removed From The Third Party Hosting Server.

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18 hours ago, King Lear said:

ça s'effondre chez Leora; et les bourrelets augmentent !!!!!!!!

Entre Leora il y a 5-6 ans et Leora aujourd'hui, elle a changé de catégorie et je ne la suis plus. Dommage qu'elle se soit laisser aller car elle pourrait être encore superbe. En tout cas ceux qui la trouvent super aujourd'hui, alors ne pourraient pas dire objectivement  que la Leora d'il y a 5 ans était super vu qu'elle est totalement différente. Chacun ses goûts. Les miens correspondent à il y a 5 ans et sa candeur. Mais je n'ai rien contre elle sinon. D'autres ont su garder un super physqiue.

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