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Leora 90gb torrent tutorial


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@ILSTRONZOhas graciously given our humble forum a magnificent gift. A giant 90gb torrent of the lovely Leora dating back to 2015-2019. Quite the collection indeed. Go give that man some props and all the likes, thumbs up, praise etc. etc. you can spare.

His magnet link is  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e69cdb90284c6e3d018e114d469fdff2ccc7a81c&dn=leora-2019 so if you know how to use torrents pop that sucker in there and please keep it seeded.

For those of you that are confused I'll give a small tutorial real quick. It's not that hard so don't be intimidated.

I'm going to be using uTorrent for demonstration purposes. You can use the client of your preference as they'll all be pretty much the same steps.

Step 1: Open uTorrent. Once it's open you're going to want to click on file and chose the "Add torrent from URL..." option


Step 2: After clicking the option you'll get a box pop up. Clear out all text and paste the magnet link provided.

Copy this


 and paste it here.


Step 3: Once you have it pasted hit the "OK" button. A window will pop up with several options and a list will populate on the right hand side with all the videos that will be in the torrent. (NOTE: It may take several seconds and even up to a few minutes to populate depending on  your internet speeds.) The box where the arrow is indicating is where you would like to save the torrent. Choose the appropriate folder or make a new one. I have mine blanked out simply for privacy reasons.



Step 4: Hit the OK button



Finally: Note that your torrent has started in the download section. The more people who torrent and seed the faster the file goes. So keep those seeds running.




Once again a HUGE thank you to @ILSTRONZO so everyone make sure you give him a hearty handshake and a pat on the back.


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Hint: If you select and then "copy" the text of DARKJOKER666's tutorial, and then paste in into LibreOffice Writer or other major word processor, you will get additional illustrations that might help you learn how to deal with torrents.I assume MS Word and other word processors should also accomplish this, since it's created with MSPaint. I found it helpful to follow each step, and this is what you'll see which you then can print out if you want: (Thank you, Darkjoker & Ilstronzo for the posts.)



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2 hours ago, DARKJOKER666 said:

,magnet:? xt = urn: btih: e69cdb90284c6e3d018e114d469fdff2ccc7a81c & dn = leora-2019


good I can't in the 3 step of not possible to load can help me thanks

boas nao consigo no 3 passo da nao e possivel carregar  podem me ajudar obrigado 

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6 hours ago, fga said:


good I can't in the 3 step of not possible to load can help me thanks

boas nao consigo no 3 passo da nao e possivel carregar  podem me ajudar obrigado 

I hope you'll be able to understand this ok because google doesn't seem to like to translate Portuguese at all. Well at least it doesn't like to translate portugese to english lol.

But Step 3 is where you're going to save your file. The red arrow is just file address where it's going to save. If you click the little box to the right of the bar with the three [...] dots it'll open a drop down menu asking where to save it at. If you like you can just leave it default and you just find where it saves on your HD after the torrent hits 100%.



Espero que você consiga entender isso bem, porque o Google não parece gostar de traduzir o português. Bem, pelo menos não gosta de traduzir português para inglês lol.

Mas a Etapa 3 é onde você salvará seu arquivo. A seta vermelha é apenas o endereço do arquivo onde será salva. Se você clicar na pequena caixa à direita da barra com os três [...] pontos, abrirá um menu suspenso perguntando onde salvá-la. Se quiser, você pode simplesmente deixá-lo como padrão e apenas descobrir onde ele salva no seu HD após o torrent atingir 100%.

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39 minutes ago, RAME said:


J'ai copier / coller le lien il m'a rencontré impossible de trouver aimant et plus rien

je ne sait pas pourquoi merci

Bonjour RAME 

Personnellement j'utilise qBittorent et voila comment j'ai procédé:

1. J'ai copié le lien.


2. dans QBittorrent je clique sur ajouter lien vers un torrent.


3. le lien magnet etant déjà repris je clique sur download et c'est parti pour plusieurs heures de téléchargement en fonction de ta connexion internet et du nombre de personnes qui partagent (moi par exemple à 1,6 Mbit/s).


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6 hours ago, ulysse123 said:


merci mais ça ne fonctionne pas c'est pareil j'ai tout supprimer car je commencer a mètre vraiment le bordel dans mon pc .

ce n'ai pas grave  j'ai quand même des vidéos .

bonne soirée 

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