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  1. Oh thank christ. I know several members were worried whether or not you were going to re-sub. My argument was that Leora wasn't masturbating enough for you but other members held the view that she hasn't had a full on lesbian orgy yet and you wouldn't be interested otherwise. But now that we know you're not going to re-sub it'll kill the argument and we can all get back to our regular lives.
  2. If I remember correctly there was some problems a while ago about members finding personal social media pages for the girls and people started messaging their friends and families. So they just did a blanket ban on all outside sources regardless of how old the material is.
  3. Hooooooly crap! Absolutely amazing. we need to figure out a way to commission Marla to do a fashion show for us lowly voyeurs out here. Damn you're one lucky man @Crerigan
  4. She does all the time. There are several pics in this thread of her doing that. If not topless then very close to it. She has some amazing outfits she likes to show off.
  5. Wrong thread. This is Leora's spot. Also we're not allowed to post links to anything the girls do outside the apts. No modeling links, no facebook, no instagrams, no social media at all.
  6. Damn I love watching this lady work. Wish I had co-workers who looked like this lol
  7. Stop spamming the video forums with silly messages. Go post them in general chat where they belong. You're going to just end up getting yourself banned.
  8. My internet connection isn't affected at all. Not sure about the rest of the country but right now it's the same as it always was.
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