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Lack of hygene


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Has anyone else noticed that hardly any of the RLC players ever wash their hands after using the bathroom? Even the girls that are fixing food don't. Is it the foreign culture or are they just nasty? I'm not a germaphob but I cringe when I see somebody take a crap then not wash their hands.

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Almost everybody does it.  Lora is the one is the best of washing her hands first.  Isabel is the worst.  I saw Isabel one time take a crap, (she was on the stool a very long time), get up and start fixing dinner.  Did not wash in either the bathroom or kitchen.

That was the day that I stopped paying attention to her.  I check in on her from time to time only.

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Guest jackson23

What I find interesting is they change clothes, put them in a pile or in the dresser drawer then smell them to see if they can be used again. But most times no smell test.

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