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Memorable moments at vh


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Many ppl are kind of new to vh and dont exactly know what was precious moment and the story of anything, like you go to archives and see Piper giving a blowjob to hunter and another guy, and you are "allright whatever a random girl giving heads, but he deosent know thatย  the audience of vh how long anticipated that moment seing Piper giving a head to another guy the thrill when that happen. so i hope you got my point.

here is my questions.

1) best couple in history of vh ? well in my recent time being here i would say isa and Bart, they were the best

2) best group sex? Isa Bart with Clarise and Saun

3) most anticipated moment? seeing Dominesa having a threesome, unfortunately never happen, thankfully they are kicked out ๐Ÿ˜„

4) most enjoyable moment ? seeing Mimi crying and passing almost out when she saw Aaron from camcaps trying to fuck Alisa

well you got the idea. throw out there what you think is worth to share ๐Ÿ™‚

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1. Lexie and Pete, runner up was Layla and Eric

2. Anna and Alex

3.the skinny guy in Anastasia's first apartment ( I think his name was Dave), trying to put the moves on Anastasia only to fail

4. my vote for unwanted guest - the bat flying around Stacy and Xenia's apartment while they were out

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