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  1. fuck my life, i have stoped coming to this apt as a protest, and now i just pass for one second and got to the conversation where the girls were talking about exhanging partners, and at that same moment Albert "jumps" in and saying NO. nothing about exhanging, you dont get close to other guy 1 cm. bring back Celina please please please......😩
  2. @groomy you were right. even the alcoholics as Ragnar drinks "dobry" juice 😄
  3. i like this girl cause she is hilarious, and i would like she to join cause definetely will give great loughs, as to parties,i have the impresion that they are exclusives to each other, i hear nothing that would sugest any group activity,but one can always hope 🙂
  4. the moment you realize before you suck it was in your ass the following conversation was one of the funiest i heard in vh hisory. girl: happy? now if i will die you will have it in your conscience. boy: not my fault the dick has his own brain. and anyway dont worry you didnt swallow anything and you wash your mouth imidiately, and there was nothing there,a bit of seemen and something else. girl: dont worry yeah? (sarcasm), i will die not now, in an hour,in two, maybe tomorow.maybe the day after but i will d😄ie boy: loughing girl : look at him, loughing, happy? finaly congratulation!!! you acomplish it i will die cause of you. and you are just waiting it.its not funny, fuck it better would be if i go down by Corona virus,what they gonna wright in the death tomb? cause of death :cause she sucked a dick after being in an asshole. perfect!!! boy: hei in a matter of fact i'm clean. girl : me too,but my intestines (ass) i'snt.because thats an ass!!!! boy : generally the situation is just "ass" (shitty situation) girl : i feel sick, at least once i die in couple of hours i wont have to admit the reason of it. boy: this situation i need to record it.(he records around and going to her genetals area) girl: yeah right, are you recording the crime scene? 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 anyone who will have the opertunity you need to watch it cam 4 time 00:45 her facial expresions are hilarious.the whole situation was legendary.
  5. isnt this guy same the one who was coming with the super cute petit girl?
  6. i have a sugestion. since there is so many 500$ fines going on around, why dont you make a prize pool of the money earned from fines? like you fining an apt 500$ give it as a prize pool to the apt that will have the most views earned in the next week. you get from this 1) motivate apts to be more active 2) you shut mouths as to that you are trying to earn more money by fining everything.
  7. give them time,and they will be fucking in light, actually was suposed to happen right now** 😄 and the dirty talk mostly comes from her 😄
  8. but their sex is interesting, a lot of dirty talks.
  9. can pls we see their faces while VHTV is giving them the call? and than you are welcome to take it offline 😄
  10. first day.... jesus 😩 first day online,not a single $ earn and here comes the well deserved fine.didnt they checked cameras before? 😄 😄
  11. sometimes a critisim can motivate people try new things,explore new areas,and eventually they might like it,witch will provide better experience to users also,many times apts get sweet canded with people like them and the revenue is constant so they get relaxed and stop preforming, do not forget that no one of the apts are here for tabboo they are here for revenue and income,is a job, so constractive critisim is essential.as about apts closure,is let me put it this way,when one apt is closing high chances is that will be replaced by new tenants, thus maybe better tenants maybe worst (as we have see lately) now if you got the opertunity to kick out Jack white and Candy Red with the possibility to be replaced with a random new apt would you do so? i would with out second thought,cause nothing cant be worse from that apt.so closing an apt that does not contribiute in anyway to viewers can result in new Isaac&Ella apt (very small chances but nothing to loose anyway) 🙂
  12. i'm pretty sure you can imagine 😛 and no its nothing sexual, 😄
  13. i just stumble across this photo from @groomy and actually was like a wake up call. did VHTV has fallen that much and we didnt even realize it? (or maybe was just me) it cant be that we should expect a good group action just from one apt (Meli and Sergio ) and that would be super manipulative,or if all the planet will have same "trajectory" and Mira and Henry will be able to find a nice couple.or if Jakar will be in good mood witch is once every couple of months will have a good party. no seriously please @Voyeur House TV explain me WHAT THE FUCK 1)Nikki and Poppy 2) Charly and Ariel 3) Daenerys 4)Elza 5)Bianca and Totto 6) Ruth and Mary 7)Helena and Serj 8)Nina and Kira 9) Viki and Kate 10) Candie Red and Jack White DOES IN THE SITE? WHAT IS THEIR CONTRIBUTION???????????? and i just named the apts that has zero action and let the ones that have minimal another 7. I heard all sort of theories for what is the subject behind VHTV decisions,(witch apts they decide to open/about the fines they decide to fine/how they are planing to make more money etc..) but i will not take part of that,but whatever the fuck you are thinking you doing @Voyeur House TV IS WRONG PATH.cause aparently you are trying to sell the soap opera that is going on the houses more than ACTION. please i dare you to name 1 interesting apt that has open in the previous months its literally 1 that of Ray.(had nice touch but still nowhere to compare to the image above) and before that Lilka and Jakar. i would love a statement about the situation from the VHTV just to clarify their subject.cause it start feeling that me/you completely overpaying for the servise we are being provided
  14. minced beef/salt /pepper the meat should have enough fat . should be 170 gr each burger (of course depence on the bread buns) and if you like some spice you can put, like mustard powder, cumin,olive oil, or whatever you like but only spices 🙂 if you want a eassy dessert recipe shout out 🙂
  15. caramelized onions fright egg cuccumber tomatoe jalapeno, chedar of course 😄 letuce or iceberg and you need dressing, most of tem are comlicated so stick with mustard ketchup 🙂
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