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  1. true, the thing some viewers have to learn is the capabilitys of some tenants, Barbie wont go wild, she is still shy showing her boobs after many months in the project,and ken is a diferent story, viewers need to learn to move on based on the characters of the tenant.hoping is good but moving on is smarter 🙂 better invest your time to complain in apartments like Jericho or Kathie or websterwhere there is potentions.
  2. come on Jabbs i find you extremely unfair, she is the most adventurous from this group, she is the least shy from everyone, alway almost naked all around, and does try to spice up every party.plus not scared from group interaction.
  3. or simply is a strategy, the truth is that he is not that sharp to have thught of a strategy, but his gf is 🙂
  4. no everything is fine, just trying to understan, all the time that you was in webster apartment didnt care to come to the forum,but after all the insidents you came, so i'm wondering as to why?. i'm trying to understan when you was living in the apartment you all 4 (you-Dolly-webster-charlote) had the opertunity to make a lot of money, you all had the tools and you had the skills, why would you all choose to fuck it up and live like a hipsters with out any plan making constant drama and fights,this kind of life brings frustration and fines.even if you get to a new apartment you will be living
  5. i wonder why noone really is qurious what is the reason behind Kayask coming to cc 😕
  6. problem is not the tickets, problem is the messanger, in this case vhtv, if everytime tenants will have a free pass, those incidents would increase dramaticaly and the results would be many many frustrated viewers,including my self. but in the same time fines is not a great solution as we have see it only benefit vhtv and doesnt improve. what would be your solution to all the covering cams and other violations?
  7. i glance for couple of min there and there was drama also, he was fighting with his gf, and the wild guest girl and i think he at some point also did argue with the girl with white top, but did stayed to listen.
  8. there are 4 pussies in the house and the poor guy got drama from all of them 😂 girl No1 put a strict social distancing of 1 meter between him and the lesbian couple 😂 girl No2 got hysteric when he touched her gfs head girl N03 its from vilage so she needs to make drama just to establish her presence. girl N04 (the cat) i think it scrached him just to show support for the rest pussies. if i were him and by the apereance of the girl he had to fuck i would have left in the first sighn of gang drama loading 🤣🤣
  9. Due to last events of this apartment i cant stand back than comenting my thoughts on it, i personaly find the skinny girl not sure witch neame belongs to her one of the most beautifull females on the project somewhere around top 5, she actually reminds me the main actress in the series Cassa Del Papel. unfortunatelly i was never interested into girl on girl action so this place never got any interest of me.but damn i would love to see her with a man. no matter what i she marvelous.
  10. actually would be super interesting if they would visit Jules or Sina 🤔
  11. lol man dont rush i think they wont visit any more,last night was bad..i hope @Folivora can save it.
  12. oh god such a disapointment. this is one more guest in this apartment that is way more sexualy active than the tenants by it self. so the couple had the bravery to enter the bedroom and start having sex with the hope J&J would join them, do you know what Jericho did? no seriously 🤯🤦‍♂️ he start making fun of them. the guest guy said why do you make fun of me? Jericho said, you came in my bedroom doing this and wondering why do i make fun? Joanna tried to "calm" things down by saying we are tired and was long day and shit, than followed with that if we had discussed the details t
  13. Angel has said that she is not into webster,not sure how honest was she, but she said it.
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