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Admin. Would you please create a new subforum for us older guys here? Title it "The Old Dudes Board." If you can't or won't do that, would you 'sticky' it in Random Discussion?

If you won't do that, then I'll feel compelled to make sure that it stays at the top of the page. We will of course need a mod, (I volunteer) to be sure that the basic rules are adhered too.

The Old Dudes Board will be formed and will require any member of such to be over 50,

We'll even go to 40 if your cool. You should have a young hottie under your arm and the most important rule will be that you absofuckinglutely MUST post strictly in English. Even bad translations can be accepted for those off in foreign lands that want to partake in the festivities.

The girls? You really don't have to have one, but the cred it will bring you is awesome.

It won't matter what they speak. We know what to do to keep them quiet.  ;)

The board will be open to any discussions of old TV shows, Movies, Books, Cars, Girls, Food, Booze, Sex and even the strange things that we did back in the good old days.

I'm quite sure we could find at least 10 participants of the 15,000 or so registered here.

So, how about it guys? Anyone up for it? This way we can mostly leave the apartment threads alone for the noobs and let them die of boredom and they won't have to be taken off topic all of the time.

I'll nominate myself, Leader of the Pack. Can I get an aye?        Ooooh-Rahhhh

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Huh.  ???  ???  ???

The Obama generation is the 49 and under crowd has an entitlement sense of mind. Gimme, gimme, gimme. You have it, I want it, but I don't even want to get off of my lazy ass to come get it. Bring it to me.

And anyone that subscribes to AARP is just as bad. They are in business to rob and pillage the older generation with their false claims of being for the retired folks.

I worked for what I have and I'm damned proud of it. No one gave me anything.

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I remember all of those, I think Dragnet being a favorite.

I never was much for cartoonish like stuff, ie: Micky Mouse. Real cartoons yes, kiddie shows in make believe, no. I never lived in a fantasy world.

Yep. Let the old dudes converse.

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It is amazing how some of those shows actually may have helped shape our views and desires. I loved route 66. When i was older I actually bought a 61 corvette. It was one of the most uncomfortable, roughest riding cars. If it didn't have posi, when you punched it the damn thing would burn sideways on you. But it was cool, and a chick magnet. but when i was dating and going to the drive in to watch the submarine races I always wanted to take the old mans chrysler.

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