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Happy new year


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Guest Squirrel

The Julian Calendar New Year's Day falls on January 14. It's still informally celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This means that technically, we call all screw around with our New Year's resolutions for another week, free of guilt.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll see more festive activities at our Russian/Ukrainian RLC apartments.

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I make the best resolution that can ever be made every year.

Make no resolutions.  :)  That way there are no disappointments to be had.

On the eve of my birthday 7 1/2 years ago I ran out of cigarettes. Mind you, I have a 24 hour Stop-N-Rob about 100 yards away from my house. There was no way I could drive there and walking would be even harder. I was shitfaced by then.

Spending the night alone, (wife was working) I fell asleep with the notion that I was going to quit smoking. Yeah, sure, right, like that would happen.  ::)  I smoked 2 packs a day. But I woke up the next day, grabbed a cup of coffee and went to look for a smoke. There were none. Then I remembered the night before. I was going to go for it. I told no one of my intentions, therefore I wouldn't have to live up to anyones expectations.

That first week was hell and I'll admit it. Bellying up to the bar for a beer with the boys was twice as hard. But I succeeded. I had the will power to say NO. (to myself) Except for the occasional hit of some good ganja, I never smoked again. Smokes were $3.50USD per pack then. Now they are pushing $7.00USD per pack at the carton price.

With the saved money, I went out and bought a brand new custom ordered F150 Platinum. Driving that sure beat the stench of smoking.

Now, about those silly resolutions.........

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