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who would you like to see pregnant?


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She does not have to be a member of RLC  is not please post a nude or non nude photo.

Would you  like to see from conception to birth?

I would have loved to see Bettie Page pregnant and I would have loved to see the birth.  Runner up would be Nora.



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Nah. Never had a preggo fetish. To each their own. I'll stick with pretty feet and toes.

I was in Best Buy yesterday and the girl behind me had gorgeous feet in sandals with the nails painted a Candy Apple Red. I told her that her feet were beautiful. She smiled, raised he pants leg a few inches and stuck her foot out further. "You like that, huh?"

I told her I would love it. She smiled and said she had to get back to work. Oh well.  :'(

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If we are going to talk about nectar and fetishes.  that is just one of mine to be able to drink from the nipple but I do not know of anyone that can produce milk.  If you know of a good lactation web site drop me a note.

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