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CamCaps as an Imperial Power taking over the Internet

Guest Squirrel

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Guest Squirrel

Ok, kids, I have questions about this attached capture. Your input please.

1) Italy has the highest percentage of CamCaps hits, but few posting members. Why? Obviously it's not a language problem if they can read and understand the English posts. Are they only here for the T&A pix? I know we have at least one Italian who is active.

2) I know we have a couple Turkish posting members. Just a couple. They rank highly as viewers.

3) I understand the Brits. They're hornier than the Euros give them credit for. Must be something in the fish & chips.

4) Anyone notice that, as a search term to find CamCaps, Leora and Paul are on top, while 8 months ago, Nora & Kiko were on top? (I think six months ago it was I  & M, before cam 1 was shut off.)

5) What can we do to help push CamCaps rankings farther up the scale?

Your thoughts, please. Unless you're too stoned or drunk to keep track of such matters.


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Guest Squirrel

Well, Leora is hot, so I'm not surprised. She even garners the Nora crossover vote, and they're a very loyal bunch who prefer intellectual artistic bohemians; but they all seem to be entranced by Leora's physical perfection.

From my observations, the Turks are usually Alma or Isabel fans.

Perhaps it's cultural, or educational. I don't know.

I'm a big fan of Meerkat, myself...

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