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Favorite Cam Girl?


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Do you have a favorite Cam Girl? Post her link here.

Im very new here and have been lurking around the cam scene for quite sometime now... figured id share a couple of my fav girls and introduce myself... great site you have and seems like pretty good community

These are the best of the chaturbate girls in my opinion



http://123cams.net/watch.php?id=42469 (ff to about the 2 min mark)

Shes often on with her friend maya and they are both on right now... and in the midst of a squirt contest.


This girl might be the HOTTEST girl on that site but, only dances (nude) can't believe her room rarely gets over 200 people in it.


Often has a guest (guys and girls) and nothing is off limits


Has some of the best orgasms you'll ever see


If squirting is your thing this girl is a fountain.. and real squirting no just splashing her piss around


She lives up to her name... haha usually only a close up of her pussy but she gushes when shes playing...

enjoy crew... and i'll look forward to being a more regular contributor!

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Here are a few others (Of course, you must catch them online. Duh.)

http://chaturbate.com/afinedayforbananafish/  (Really, really wild in Ohio.)

http://chaturbate.com/larissa4/  (Says USA, but heavy accent. 4 is her lucky number.)

http://chaturbate.com/freedom___/  (Another wild child.)

If you register for the site (free), you can follow your favorites and get an email whenever they come online. 

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