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Megan is back for stay #4 - fan page

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Megan back in B4 September 9 2020 for stay #4

Name Arrival Departure Location Duration (days) Total when switching B1-B5
Megan #1 02.08.2016 22.09.2016 B2 52  
Megan #2 13.07.2018 12.10.2018 B4 92  
Megan #3 27.06.2019 05.07.2019 B1 9  
Megan #3 05.07.2019 26.09.2019 B4 84 92
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Megan Stay 5 ?

I for one was sad to see Megan and Holly go.

Their long stay enforced by covid restrictions. Sure you could see the strain sometimes. I'm not sure of Megan or Holly's country of origin (Does anyone know), and what the current visa limitations are? 90 days with no return till 180 days has passed i think? They both exceeded those but with extenuating circumstances (maybe they'll be let off 🙂 ). Assuming they will want to return (i havent seen anyone with a 5th return in the list). 6 months or a year could too long a time in their lives to wait?? Here is hoping

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