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I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty much sick of all 7 of these couples. Everyone of them are just so boring. And I'm not even just talking sex stuff. There's nothing interesting about ANY of them. I'm just so ready for at least ONE of these couples to move out and bring in another one, although I could stand to have around 4 couples move out.

Sorry just had to get that out of my system.

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Guest Squirrel

That's more difficult to understand than Klingon.

I assume you're on a bizarre browser that won't translate font or format code. You are saying that the current couples are boring and that you'd like to see new couples.

My loyalty is to Nora, Leora, and most of all, Meerkat. If they leave, I won't even bother with RLC.

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True, they don't get up to much in their home lives.

I wouldn't mind if they had a few parties to spice things up, more friends sleeping over etc.

Christ, If I wanted to watch someone sitting in front of a computer monitor most of the time, I could record myself when I'm home from work, and watch me watching me. ???

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