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Sexy Dress Costumes You'll Like Leora/ Malia to Wear


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Feeling frisky would you like to see Leora/ Malia as a French maid seductive in a sexy adult student outfit, dress up as a naughty nurse or take a letter as a sexy secretary.

Well here's your chance to add a photo/ video of your favorite outfit you'll like to see Leora/Malia in.

Here's a place to add you fantasies.


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9 minutes ago, Brokk! said:

ÈIt's a little OT, but do you remember Leora dressed as Maid in the first apartment with Paul? What a pity that she never put on that costume again 😞😞

Well maybe she and Malia will dress up soon for us 🙂 

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7 hours ago, pulo filipe said:


OMG, I fell in love with Cat Woman after seeing her at Movieworld at the Goldcoast Queensland.

Please Leora get the Cat Woman costume.

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