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Kitty & Smith - Videos (2021) @4

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Some of you may remember this video from years ago. It's a 63 second, FLV file, recorded at 25 frames per second (FPS), with a bitrate of 195 kb/s, which is horrible quality.

But, no matter what I tried, for the life of me I could not improve the quality enough to make it worth viewing. I was about to give up, when I found that if I took a screenshot of individual frames, I could enhance the still shots much more to my liking.

So, that's what I did. I deconstructed the original video into individual frames (think pictures), all 1575 of them (63 seconds * 25 FPS). Then I denoised and sharpened each individual frame. When that was done, I reconstructed the enhanced frames back into an MP4 video.

Once I had the MP4 file, I corrected the white balance to get rid of the dull, muddy-looking, grayish veil over the colors. The finished video has a bitrate of 7109. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality.

Since it's only a minute, I posted both the original and the final result.

Kitty 'bate on sofa

(Content No Longer Available)

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