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Leora and Malia Fans (Positive or Complimentary Comments) - 46


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Guest Slipper Guyquad

Oh things have picked up again.

Hi Paul!! 👋

Hi Eva!! Aww, kissing the screen! she'll be able to kiss Eva for real before long no doubt!                                     

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1 hour ago, ddhm said:

I guess Malia soon to appear then .. 

With Leora having the ability to read what is posted in this topic page. I think it is fair to say, that she has the ability, with her actions, to accurately turn your 

guesswork into speculation. She also is intelligent enough to know there is absolutely nothing positive, or complimentary, about your post.

   Someone started a topic page that your post would be more suited in. It is back in thread page 3. Having a title having to do with Speculation of Out Of the Apartment Activities.

Since Malia is/was currently not in the apartment when your post was made. Any activity she does, would fall under the heading of speculation. 

Definitely not '  positive..complimentary..comments  !!  IMO  !!


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