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Laney Rose girl in video sorry not TAY

Guest TAY

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Okay I don't know if anyone figured out who was in the video I posted BUT I can tell you it wasn't me.  The girls name is LANEY ROSE if you want to see more of her.  A friend of mine showed me her videos and it was kind of freaky because I look a lot like her.  Yes, really I do no kidding around. I have even showed a few of her videos to people I know and they can't believe it's not me.  But where's your tattoo Taylor? Is that a fake tattoo on your arm? Eyes mouth lips nose cheek bones are the same but if you look my picture next to hers you see the difference. She better looking than me. NO WAIT, I'm prettier than she is. Yeah!

I said I was going to use my house for the prototype but that has changed right now because of some other personal family issues. HOWEVER  we are going to rent one apartment. ALSO, I do have 2 people who is interested in being the guinea pig in our first apartment.  The first girl is Roxanne or Roxie. She's nice looking, to me more on the exotic side kind of like a Suicide Girl if you are familiar with that group of girls.  David, my partner, says she's bang able after two beers. What?  So how many beers does it take for me David I asked.  He said I was like bang-able at "Hello what's your name?" Ooh baby I think I love you....NOT! I got to keep an eye on him.  Can't bend over in my skirts. Have to do the squat going down coming up... no show....Me? No show? Please camera.... lights.... action.....Here's Taylor what's her name.

ANYWAY she's really cool she does a lot of arts and crafty things so she's home a lot. I went to visit her at her apartment a few days ago. Did coffee and talked. I checked out her artwork. House was kind of messy but not dirty.  I asked her if I could look around at her things so I check out her closet and opened a few drawers. Looked at all the bathroom stuff. COOL she likes to use oils and bath salts so she'll be in the tub often.  Nice sexy "unmentionables" also. She does have some white cotton panties. Me too believe it or not I wear them more often than any other type of style NO NOT GRANNY PANTIES shut up! STOP laughing at me!!

ALSO there is another girl I know through a friend who was going to school with her, They were both in Chi Omega at the university.  I meet her once at a Chi Omega fund raising thingy. I thought she was just a regular blond hair sun glass wearing beachy California girl BUT my friend tells me she's not what she appears to be. I say what honey? What is she then?  She is way way out there beyond the planet Pluto. Like tell me already, but no, I have to find out for myself. SO SOON on Monday I will meet her in person at her apartment and find out why is she way way out there beyond Pluto.  I can't imagine what she's all about. Maybe I don't want to know...I keep you posted as soon as I know.

LOVE you you and you....Tay

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I can't wait. I will be your first costumer , as long AS YOUR not on the computer all day LIKE RL Monastery I don't waist my $$  I like to see Interesting things, I am not saying 24/7 masturbate , when I Voyeur your site I sould say MAMAMIA she is the one :-) to sit and watch her not boring

good Luck and Let me know I pay and watch you having fun , if you good I wish you make millions of $$$$

Forget RL Monastery 

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