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inside information from RLC - Gossip thread


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Hey Guys, How are you? I started watching RLC pretty much when they just started. Afraid that 'someone' could find out that I pay for a adult-site I tried something. I noticed, that the SMS option doesn't work. So I informed them via email. They immediatly replied and gave me a code for free. Well, I created about 10 Email accounts and told them, that I couldn't enter with the SMS. They ALWAYS gave me the code. They were very sweet actually, very friendly. I asked them several questions as well. That's the reason I pay for it now, btw, so you don't think I'm an asshole.

They told me, that they tried to establish a shared flat with 3 girls in the apartment, where you will find Harvey and his black princess and the second spanish couple. Didn't quite work out. When I asked them again they said, that it didn't work out.

One other thing: Did anyone of you see Max cheating on Lora? I couldn't believe my eyes! I got a video, but I don't know how to upload it.

Have a nice day!

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Hmmm...I have doubts about some of the things you say, but I won't press you on them.  I'm more interested in this video of Max cheating on Lora.

I suggest you create an account with MediaFire.  Get the free account.  The only limitation is that you cannot upload a file larger than 200MB.  If your video is bigger than that, you can easily zip or rar the file and split it into pieces.  Then just upload the file(s), copy the download links and post them to the forum.

I'm sure there are many here who would like to see that video.

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Guest 862286

I saw some of that a few months back. They had a friend, although im not sure if it was friend or family, staying for few days. The friend and Max were playing and touching each other every chance they got. Lora went to bed one night and Max and this girl sat at the table holding hands and kissing, but Max was very uncomfortable about possibly getting caught. Saw these two hugging in the livingroom also and saw the girl in the shower. I sure would like to see that video.

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