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Warning - Looks Like A Spam Coming Soon


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  • dougiestyle4u changed the title to Warning - Looks Like A Spam Coming Soon
On 11/17/2021 at 4:37 AM, dougiestyle4u said:

Xcamfan had a spam of girls posting in PM's today. StnCld316 is aware of it but might happen here with all the new registered members right now. Delete new PM's by multiple girls if you get them very soon.

The PM settings are different here at Cam Caps  Spammers cannot take over the Forum. They're usually banned within Minutes to 1 Hour. It's all under control here at Cam Caps.

xCamFan Admin had changed the PM settings so the chances of another reoccurrence of the same thing happening is almost impossible now.  The 4 Accounts that were doing that stuff yesterday they have been banned and their IP Addresses have been blocked. 

Most everyone knows knows not to click on any suspicious links. If they do they could possibly be in for some Ransom Ware Software locking their Computer or Device since the accounts made were from the Russian and Ukraine areas and that's the type of activity that has been coming from those areas as of late.  All one can do is make sure their Virus Protection Definitions are kept up to date at all times and to have a Strong Adblocking Program installed. If they don't Techy Shops can be expensive if they do not have the knowledge of fixing the issue themselves.  

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