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B4 - General Topic 2022 #66 (November)

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22 minutes ago, Noldus said:

Kristy fucking 🙂 

It might actually have been interesting if she did it January or February. I would have suppoerted her then. Instead, she wasted over 10 months on nothing. Just silly shows. So I am not impressed.

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il y a 1 minute, ed2 a dit :

Cela aurait pu être intéressant si elle l'avait fait en janvier ou en février. Je l'aurais alors soutenue. Au lieu de cela, elle a perdu plus de 10 mois pour rien. Juste des spectacles idiots. Je ne suis donc pas impressionné.

Moi aussi , pas impressionné du tout. Mon envie est passée depuis longtemps. 

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2 minutes ago, northguy said:

Kristy is back with regular sex, bravo.

Naga: Sorry to disagree North, but it will never happen...unless it's a show.

In between the boys Kristy can get some educational lessons by Taylor,

that could likely happen. We'll see.

I think Taylors advancements and pursuits is turning Kristies little pussy on.... great sex in Thumbs today (lol) but she is energized and that is good for being extra sexualized to try Taylor  ... ( although Taylor is a bit Douchey to me    ( but she gets it done as well !   

Also  good on buddy boy here to be putting a good fuck into her ... 

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