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length of stay


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All the people that stayed in Katya/Ruslan's apt has stayed there the shortest amount of time. The 1st couple only stayed 1 month. The 2nd couple stayed about 4 months. Not sure how long K/R stayed but it was less than a year.

Alina/Anton are pushing on being the longest couple. They've been there the longest out of the rest of the couples, being there almost 2 years I think. Maybe longer.

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Of current couples, Alina and Anton have been at RLC the longest.

This is followed by:






and now V&L

The shortest stay might have been Angela.

I've only been wasting time at RLC & CC since the beginning of 2013; Woof or JoJo could offer corrections.

RLC, as even a newbie would notice, has had the best success with the Siberian and the Barcelona apartments. They've been there the longest, and have developed their recruiting system -- utilizing the tenants themselves to recruit their friends/cousins. St. Petersburg is a new demographic territory for RLC. They've hit a home run with D&E, and should network with that bunch of people. Sadly, Katya & Ruslin's apartment has been full of street people who can't maintain a steady or productive life-style: of course, that's why they were street people to begin with.

Maybe RLC will focus on recruiting students drawn from D&E's sub-culture. I'm hoping for the Girl in the Red Dress, myself.  :P

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I think of the apartments and tenants as an army that continually parades through my mind, stomping down the neural network of my now dying memory banks.

Kinda like Algebra class in high school. Can't remember shit about yesterday's quadratic equations and don't know why I'm doing it, either.

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Then there were the lesbians, Ana & Danna.  Both had girls names, and didn't know which was which, so we referred to them as Skinny & Fatty so that others would know who were talking about.

At one time, all the girls names were similar: Lina, Alina, Elana; and all the Russian couples had cats, as if it was a mandate from Putin.

I'll bet the first wave of CamCaps members saw some amazing things. Maybe we can get them to do a stroll down memory lane, since the "retired" section still has a good amount of material to jar their memories.

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