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Bring back Gia now!


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Of all the girls who have departed, who would be the most suitable to bring back given the right opportunity???

1.  8) :-*Gia (The hottest of all. If I were ranking hotness, these are my favs in order. Gia, Alma, Olga, Maria, the skinny one of the two Lesbians, Lina)  Gia would need to change her attitude about not being shy and quit chasing after Ian with a Knife. Yikes!)

2.  8)Maria - Don't really know enough about her.

3.  :POlga - My next favorite to Alma. Seemed really clean. Her apartment always looked neat and orderly.

4.  ???Ana or  :-\Danna

5.  ???Lina (Given the fact that she changes her hygiene and lazy habits)

BTW, I wonder how everyone who has departed RLC is doing and what they're doing these days?

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From what I've seen, I think I would want Maria back followed by Gia. I agree that Gia was more hotter but Maria seemed less shy.

I have no idea who Polga is, I'm not interested in watching lesbians and Lina never really did anything for me.

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Physically, she was much nearer my ideal than any other woman I've seen on RLC.

Psychologically, she was the most screwed up.

She and Ian should never have been on RLC and I don't think I'd ever like to see her come back.  It would just be too painful for everyone.

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Guest Krysez

I've said it before I'll say it again.

If we could get Stefan to move out...

Then let Alba (Ana - whatever) move in with Alma...

Oh my goodness, I would buy a premium subscription!

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Wow what was wrong with her? I've only seen vids of her having sex but she was gone way before I started watching the feeds.

What was wrong with her...well, this is what I think was wrong with her:

1.  She absolutely hated to get naked on cam.  She would go out of her way to avoid any part of her body being visible.

2.  She put up that damned screen in the bedroom.  Not only did it give her a safe place to be naked and unobserved, it also screwed up the IR on the bedroom cams.  This resulted in sex in the bedroom that was unwatchable.

3.  She was obsessed with keeping doors closed.

4.  Related to the doors, she was OCD.  I once watched her smooth non-existent wrinkles out of the bed cover for at least 10 minutes.

5.  She and Ian had the most screwed up way of initiating sex.  They were like teenagers.  Ian would spend an hour or two (yes, an hour or two) stroking her legs, arms copping feels of her tits, kissing her...until, finally, she would go to the bedroom with him.

6.  Unfortunately, sometimes Ian would fall asleep during that hour or two...he worked 6 days a week and would get home about 8 in the evening.  Then she would get mad at him.

7.  She never really slept in bed with him much.  She always stayed up till at least 2 or 3 in the morning...on her computer, of course.  Sometimes she was up till 4 or 5.  Ian had to be in bed and getting a good night's sleep because he worked so much.

8.  The dogs.  They each had an ankle-biter.  I know they loved their dogs, but they hardly ever let the dogs run around in the apartment.  (Part of her OCD, I think)  They kept those poor mutts closed up in the toilet...for hours.  Gia kept a mop and bucket by the door in the hall because she had to clean that room every afternoon right after she woke up.

9.  On top of all that, they were getting married.  There was a lot of work to do...planning, getting out invitations, her dress and so on.  She constantly got mad at Ian because he wasn't doing his fair share of the work.

10.  And then there was the knife.  That was part of the blow up drama that caused them to move out.  I seriously believe she would have used it if he hadn't immediately left the apartment.

Yeah...much as I was attracted to her mature, lovely body....her long legs...her unshaven pussy...the great way she dressed, Gia was seriously fucked up in the head.  She caused me many hours of frustration with her avoidance of nudity and the endless waiting for her and Ian to go to bed and fuck...and IF they finally went to bed, the cams were so screwed up because of that damned screen I couldn't see anything anyway.

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Yes indeed but apart from that she was gods gift to mankind!!!  :)

If everything he said is true, then she sounds more like a nightmare. Shit, I hope she never comes back now. No amount of hotness can justify being a crazy bitch.

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Hotness can definitely outweigh craziness if it involves a blowjob or two or three!!!

It's been a while, but I can only remember one time that I saw her give Ian a blow job.  Of course, it was on the crappy bedroom cams and she kept covered with the blanket the whole time...

Not enough to want her to come back.

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