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A Helpful Tip from Mr. Woodworker


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Here in Dallas Texas, it has been raining so much that my wooden door that leads to my patio had swelled up from the moisture and humidity. 

It used to shut so smoothly and quietly prior to this, but now had become slightly out of plum and would rub against the upper part of the door jam, making it rough to shut, and a bit noisy if you force the issue.

Well your choice of options are simple.  You can go to the hardware store and buy a router and some shims and try to rehang the door.  (Good luck with that idea, unless your name is Norm Abrams, or Tom Silva)

Or, you can use Woody's patented time saving method of putting hand cream on the inside jam and door edge where they bump and rub up against each other.

I used 'Aveeno' moisturizing cream.  It's simply the best, even better than 'Oil of Olay'.

And my door now shuts smoothly and quietly once more.

Just thought I'd pass that along. 

You may never see or hear of this on "Ask this Old House", but it works all the same!

Tell me I don't know my shit!   

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After Monday's rain one of my [2] back yards was 2 inches under water. While this doesn't seem at all bad compared to all the other flooding around here, this is where the dogs go and is considered no-man's land. Now it is smellier than a cesspool in summer and not even the dogs will go there. In the front of the house, the water started coming in under my garage (man-cave) door right where my expensive speakers are stacked. Luckily they are on casters but the drums had to be moved and the guitars taken into the house. What a wet couple of days! At least we didn't have to evacuate.

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