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whats up with the new couples ?


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rlc est plutôt vers le bas actuellement!!! des appartements inutiles, comme celui de dasha, un couple qui part pour des soit disant vacances, pendant plus d'un mois!!! un nouveau couple qui disparaît en quelques heures, un autre nouveau couple qui n'est apparu que quelques heures, et qui a disparu depuis 2 jours, un con qui frappe sa copine et qui se retrouve seul avec ses copains!!!! un appartement ou les filles ne viennent que pour se changer et repartir!!!! la routine quotidienne pour les autres couples sédentaires!!! il ne reste plus que 2 ou 3 appartements avec un peu d'intérêt!!!!! pas terrible tout cela!!! :o :( :( :(

rlc is pretty down now !!! unnecessary apartments, such as dasha, a couple who supposedly share for holidays, for over a month !!! a new couple that disappears in a few hours, another new couple that appeared only a few hours, and has since disappeared two days, a jerk who hits his girlfriend and finds himself alone with his buddies !!!! an apartment or girls only come to change and leave !!!! the daily routine for other sedentary couples !!! it remains only 2 or 3 apartments with little interest !!!!! not all that terrible !!! ??? :( :( :(

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I completely agree.  Is it bad luck for RLC that these things happen? More likely its bad decision making by them.  One would think they would vet the people coming into the apartments on attitude, compatability, etc, and make sure they realise what they are coming into, and what is 'expected' of them. Not just let them in because they want a cheap/free apartment.

Considering all the bad choices since Polina, they should sit down and get their act together.

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