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Are all the cameras jerky on one-second interval, or is it me?


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This doesn't happen when there is very little movement on the screen, but as soon as someone walks across the room, or other big change, the video moves in "jumps" corresponding to the timer on the screen.

Is there something wrong at my end, or does everyone see this effect?

(and no, I didn't mean that I jerk in one-second intervals...)



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I've noticed that it does it with my old desktop a lot more than with my Win7 laptop. The desktop is near 10 years old and the processor is getting slower and slower. I run a hardlined cable modem to the D/T and Wi-Fi to the L/T.

Lot's of times it just freezes for 30 seconds or so.

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Guest Squirrel

I suspect a server over-load problem.

I'm comparing a wireless Linux machine with a superior (Hardware wise) HP machine  running Win7, wired. Currently, they show identical clock times (nothing is happening, anywhere. Lora isn't even awake yet.). If something happens, then the Linux machine will usually show it more quickly, and the PC machine will lag. However, both machines will halt at the same clock moment of the RLC camera, and resume at the same point in the RLC clock moment. In other words, I believe if there are tits available, all the guys in the American's N&S&A hop right onto the action for a thrill (ordinary citizens' metadata is not nearly as cute as Nora, Leora or the other gals' metadata so they get bored being neo-Stasi civil servants) and they therefore overload RLC's Commodore 64 servers...

I'll keep checking this, but I'm pretty sure it's not all on our end.

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