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Kamila and Kristy masturbate and nobody care

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That's because there are already several videos of Kammi masturbating. I love the girl but if you seen it once or twice, it's not so appealing anymore  :) The first time she did it though (when she was here with Monica), this forum exploded  ;) But after that, it is the same routine. But in the attachment section must be plenty of videos of her pleasuring herself on the bed and in the bathtub.

And Kristy just masturbated for a few minutes and fully under the blanket. She seems very confident with her body but I don't think we will see her masturbating fully naked and in front of the camera. Just my thoughts on that...

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Is it me, or do it seem that they're on a schedual when masturbating?

Nora on thursay, Kristy on Friday, Kamilla on saturday.

On friday, Kristy left Kamila and Nora in Kamilas room, locked her bedroom door, waited a few minutes, then rubbed one out, waited a few minutes and went back to the other girls.

Saturday Kristy left Kamilla, she asked her to close the door. Kamilla waited a few minutes, then rubbed one out, then after a few minutes Kristy came back to sleep in Kamilas room.

Both times where around the same time.

A while ago, when Kamila had Kristys room (When Milana and Coco was stil in the house), the phone on the second floor (sounds like an intercom, not a normal phone (yes I know the difference since I install them)). She pics it up, and a few seconds later takes of half her clothes to become sexier.

When watching Leora, it often happends that the same ringtone chimes, and not so long after she undresses a little to be sexier.

And it does seem that all these apartments, the sex/masturbation never happends at the same time, just so one can follow everything.

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