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  1. Well, there goes the only combi (Amalia and Damira) I actually enjoyed watching. So much chemistry. But again, RLC messed it up. So glad I cancelled my sub earlier this week. It's time to leave. Maybe in the future, when they get their shit together I will join again.
  2. RLC is just (ab)using Mila to spice up the boring apartments. They know she is popular and willing to go all the way if needed. Just my two cents...
  3. Why would you like to know this? It's simple. If you think it's worth paying for, then go for it and enjoy. If you don't like what you see, keep your money and do something else with your free time 🙂
  4. Wise words, my friend...wise words.She is still young and hopefully will learn all those things over time. In the meantime, let her make mistakes during her adventures without judging her.
  5. That would be nice. I don't think Oksi is a bad person and I don't dislike her like some others here. So, if she has someone who can give her some affection, that would be great. Yes, she can be aggressive and possessive at times, but hopefully she won't mess this up. The girl needs some loving ❤️
  6. I love the Angels. Even if they do nothing. Just being cozy and cuddling on the couch or on the bed. That's enough for me ☺️
  7. Cancelling my subscription two weeks ago was one of the smartest things I ever did...complete shitshow
  8. Well, this was one of the few girls on VH that I admired for her authenticity. All the scenes with her Tinder playmates were at least always enjoyable to watch. They were real and sincere. But now that she discovered the financial benefits of cam shows, this apartment will be on my ignore list. Even cam shows can be good, don't get me wrong. But the shows she is doing right now are the worst. So fake and actually insulting for the viewers. Too bad, because I really like her, but right now this apartment is just a waste of time.
  9. Lol! Agreed, Sniper. It's a complete rip off (but what would you expect form this company). The underwear was probably made in a third world country for almost nothing. And the whole idea of used underwear is just 🤢 But I must admit that I'm curious about the review ☺️
  10. Can VH fire the managers? If so, I already have a nominee. All laughs aside about this guy Gargamel, he is a complete failure when it comes to recruit suitable tenants and managing the follow up. And it's getting annoying. When an employee fails at his task over and over again, it's time to cut him loose so to speak. Yes, we already have a shitload of apartments right now, but a lot of them are useless due to managers like Gargamel. I really want this guy out. So, I finished my rant 😑
  11. So, a lesbian couple out and another straight couple in...so much for variety. I wish we could have a real lesbian apartment, with swinger parties and orgies only containing girls. Or a (real) lesbian Misty (in her active days) 😎
  12. Yeah, I just found that out. I'm particularly interested in the all girls threesome from some time ago. In the archive only the first 16 minutes are playable, after that the video stops. When I use the Download helper it only records the first 16 minutes. So, the app itself works (thanks for the tip, guys 👍 ) But in this case it doesn't do the trick for me. Ah well, sometimes life is a bitch 🙂
  13. Some time ago I sent a ticket to VH about this issue. They replied that they were working on it. But they still upload unplayable videos in the archive. They just don't care
  14. I put them on my ignore list as soon as they bring guys home 😉
  15. About unplayable videos in the archive, I sent them a ticket a few days ago and mentioned a specific video as an example (the video of Grace and her friend playing on October 29). Only one video of that event (of course the one with the worst angle) was working. So they told me they were aware of the problem and were busy to fix it. But now it seems they just deleted the corrupted videos from the archive. If this is the way they 'fix' things, I don't have much confidence in the future of this site. But let's wait and see how things work out in the long run...
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