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tbh, karma is pretty shit. People here who post the best nudes of RLC every day still have a negative karma. Most of the time I just try not to pay any attention to it. And below the karma you see "Upvote | Downvote" I guess thats how you give someone a like or dislike

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Unlike Woof, I've been an Immoderator here since about 1897.

To save Newbies from digging into the archive, the Karma system was hit by trolls as a way to infuriate good posters. This rendered it meaningless.

At the suggestion of a certain mysterious and artful NoraLover, we took it back by deciding that Negative Karma meant that you had the guts to say something controversial, without being necessarily hateful or trollish: this means that you had street cred.

We competed for the highest  negative karma rating. TBG, the original  :stirthepot: on the board, did well. I did too, but do to an unfortunate decision to kill off the former Squirrel, I somehow kept his paid account but lost his respectable -990 score. I could have be a contender. Dammit.

Keep looking at people's -Karma rating. If it's high, they're the experienced CamCaps gamesters and jokesters. All in fun, you understand...

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Karma: Yeah should only have positive karma  as  negative  karma  is basically for trolls..

Negative karma just goes back 2 fold to the person that gives it out.. I stopped  but at the same time i don't contribute pics or anything cause of the Negative karma so i pretty much Think it needs to be done away with and only have positive karma.

Either way  after the 3 months on RLC are over i am done.


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The "Karma game" was invented to show how much the system could be abused. It was an exercise in absurdity and satire. Only those who wanted to play did so, and they'd usually give good karma to a poster who wasn't part of the joke, and negative karma to those that did play the game.

This effectively barred trolls from using negative karma to harass members.

It certainly is no reason to leave CamCaps, since the Karma rating system has little if any validity, and we all know it.

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