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Actually, we should thank StnCld for cleaning up all the broken and missing links in the threads. He's the content janitor around here; TBG & I are too damn lazy (it must be our warm sunny climate.)

This is a good reason to cough up the cheap yearly membership to CC -- you can use the attachment center, post with the "Attachments and other options" gizmo that appears BELOW your content entry box, and the attachments will not disappear overnight, like they will with third party posts.

This is a DMCA situation, and RLC doesn't like postimage.org, imagepic.fu or imagedonkey.up  or pussyshock.com getting traffic from their illegally pirated stuff. They don't seem to mind CC or RLCF hosting it, but then we are both extremely exclusive private clubs.  8) They just don't want it to be available to the general public at this point.

One of the reasons (there may be others) that we elitist clubs are allowed to do this is because a great many members of CC and RLCF are subscribers to RLC, and therefore we introduce new people to RLC and create traffic to their site.

(The other possibility is that our Admin is actually Agent Dog and he has dirt on Nora & Kiko and their extensive espionage network, so they let us exist.  :lmao: )

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Ya know Rodent...If  :BS:  were music, you'd be a full Orchestra.  :yes:  :hi:

Nice of you to stop by.

Me lazy? Not in your wildest dreams. While SC was on janitor duty, I was on babysitting duty.

Just look busy. The Boss is on and watching you.  :stirthepot:

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