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I really don´t understand Leora & Paul...

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I´ve been watching Leora & Paul for more then 1 month now on and off and i don´t really understand Paul, I do not know for how long they have been a couple or what issues they gone through together but one thing is for sure He must have some kind of serious problem that causes his non interrest for sex.

It doesn´t really matter whatever she tryes to get his attention he always end up doin something else... sitting by the kitchentable, his corner in livingroom by the comp picking his nose or prefering turn her back or pet the little dog instead of her.

I don´t understand the russian language but i wish i did sometimes so that i could "get a grip" of it. So many times she obviously horny and tryes to get his attention in bed, on the coutch, bathtub or wherever but it always ends up in a small or bigger fight after he rejects/ignores her.

The other night she was in bed cuddling with him and she was horny for sure and he just layed there next to her and I think he tryed to get his thing up..she moved closer and closer to him and he was not that interrested at first.. then it looked like she helped him under the blanket to get him hard and she appearently wanted him "ontop" but he insisted and keept rubbing against her from behind for maybe 1 minute then he turned her back and started to cuddle with the dog instead ending up her smacking him in the head with the book and leave the bedroom with the blanket. He just stood up and took a new one out of the closet and back to bed sleeping..

Another time recently she was in sofa while watching tv touching herself outside her thong next to him and he saw it for sure...he was more interrested in watching the tv then her but finally he touched her alittle and spanked her pussy outside her panties but not in a sexual way ending up in a fight as she got turned off and started to argue with him then he left for the kitchentable having a snack instead of her. She locked herself into the bathroom crying and when she finally opened the door he lifted her up in his arms and carryed her into the bed,,,sat down and talked to her for a few minutes til she calmed down then he rushes out ot the table in corner and picked his nose leaving her in the bed....

I have seen so many times Leora beeing really horny and wanted him to join her in something but always ends up in that she gets angry and leaves or him moving out of situation doing something else instead.

I agree she can be a tease sometimes to him but most of times it´s not her fault but his!

Is he impotent? Gay? Menthally retarded? Doesn´t he care at all  for his gorgeous GF or relationship?

If shes litterally asks him to do something to/with her when she is horny and he doesn´t bcz he can´t get it up he have plenty of choises do it to/help her anyway using his hands.mouth or tongue but NO! He gets up or turns his back!! 

Pretty sure she will or already has found her pleassure elsewere and he doesn´t  even seem to care... when she leaves at noon and is gone for hrs/all night he keeps doing what he does the best..sitting by the desk picking his nose as nothing bothers him then he goes to bed alone early and have no problem fall asleep as you normally should have if you feel something is wrong in your relationship. Is he blind or what?  I figuring bout delete my account/stop watching this shit as I cant stand watching things i don´t understand and i obviously feel bad about even not watching it!

Is it just me feeling this way or am I the retarded one? that really don´t get it??

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Don't worry. this relationship is very complex. Leora is exhibitionist who likes to tease and Paul can't really satisfy her sexually any more. There's more that I don't want to go into but they do genuinely love each other and the sleeping apart means absolutely nothing with them. They are almost worth a psychological thesis. I only know a little Russian although I did pass an exam in it years ago but I can read body language which is more telling than the tone of their voices.

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