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Hey everyone,

Well... I have no idea how to stop these guys from posting stupid threads in every household..

I ban them incl IP ban, but i dont think that will help.

If someone knows a good idea how we can possibly stop them, please post an message here ;)

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You have to ban the entire block of IP's. They use them all. But at the same time, good people can't register.

You can make them have to be physically approved, but with the amount of registrations here, that would be a full time job. And if you look at the registrants vs. the posters, you know they only register to see the caps. They generally have no intention of participating.

I sent a PM to Admin, to give him some alternatives, but with this type of board, it's hard. And for a new to the web board, this site has thousands of users listed. I review each new registrant, search the IP, (whatismyipaddress.com) put them through Google and Bing, run their emails, (stopforumspam.com) etc...

It would be a 24 hour a day paying job here to do that. All you can do is get a good group of Mods and let them have the run of the board. Some of these guy/girls sit here all day. Why not use them. It's only a few clicks to delete the maggots.

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