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Weila 4's celebrity thread

TBG 150

Should this thread be locked or unlocked?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Should this thread be locked or unlocked?

    • Open it back up to posting
    • Keep it locked. There is nothing worth looking at here.

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This thread started out good. There were a lot of voyeur pictures posted. After the first few pages all that was posted were pictures that you could find in any gossip magazine about the stars.

The Mods all put it to a vote. it was decided to keep it locked with the general opinion that it wasn't voyeur related.

Now we want to hear from the members of CC. Please help us and decide the threads fate. After all, it is your board and we feel that the membership should have a voice in it's content.

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Well to be fair I would have to vote to keep it open as the same could be said about my thread!

however I would point out that I was intrigued by this thread when it first started out as there was some interesting content which has sadly diminished over time.

I understand that this type of content can be seen else where on the net but unlike others I kind of like coming to a place where I know most of the people that are like minded and am able to get my voyeur / sexual intrigue fix all in one place.

It also means that I do not have to spend hours on the net looking for that which interests me as it is all housed in one place.

My 5c worth.

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