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Official CamCaps Playing Card Developers Thread

Foamy T. Squirrel

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Some of us have decided to create a deck of playing cards and trading cards featuring our RLC lovelies. That way, we can print the deck out at home, and play solitaire when nobody is fricking home at the apartments. This is the thread where we can discuss our ideas and pool our talent.  Join us.

Certains d'entre nous ont décidé de créer un jeu de cartes à jouer et cartes à échanger représentant nos beautés de RLC. De cette façon, nous pouvons imprimer le pont à la maison et jouer au solitaire où personne est à la maison fricking dans les appartements.   Ceci est le fil où nous pouvons discuter de nos idées et mettre en commun nos talents.     Rejoignez-nous.

Algunos de nosotros hemos decidido crear una baraja de cartas y tarjetas comerciales que ofrecen nuestras bellezas RLC. De esa manera, podemos imprimir la cubierta en el plato, y el juego de solitario cuando no hay nadie en casa fricking en los apartamentos.   Este es el hilo donde podamos discutir nuestras ideas y aunar nuestro talento.     Únete a nosotros.

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We've got lots of RLC women to work with, so I've suggested we include the "retired" girls and turn the Jacks into Princesses (or leave them as is, and dress our lesbian ladies in drag). Even the number cards can feature a picture of a girl. We'll probably argue endlessly about who gets to be one of the Queens, but I'd vote for the ones who lasted the longest on the site and had garnered the most traffic over the years. We'll still argue about it. As for the Kings, if we have to, we can use the more famous of the pets that have scampered through RLC over the years. For the aces, we need four of them and we conveniently have four mods on the board, all with handsome avatars. The problem is that at least a couple of them would make excellent jokers!  :lmao:

It would be nifty if we could engineer a poker game we could play with them in a dedicated thread. That might take some engineering and creativity. And maybe a couple of our software engineer friends.

Euromike is already in; if we drag in Hope we'll be set up on the photo insertion and pixel mutations we'll need.

This idea is still in its infancy, having been born in the Ilona and Layla Apartment Discussion thread, where it was off topic. So it's here now.

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OK, since I came up with the idea, I am definitely in. I am ok with poker idea or my idea was trading cards and make the "winning hand". Either way, we need to compile a list of girls in the game. Did anyone like the name "Babes in Heat, the card game" as the name of the game?

Question, how do we decide who is what card? Everyone has a different idea who should be the best cards. Although, Nora is definitely the Queen.

I came up with a list of about 28 or so girls, depending on how far you want to go back, for instance, Diana, Alina, Kami, Kristy, Milana, Coco, Nora, I know I am forgetting several.

I honestly didn't think this game would take off when I thought of  it, but I think it is great to keep members occupied on boring nights in rlc and away from fights!

Let me know what is happening with this concept.

Foamy, do you want to use suits as well? Like bridge, spades trumps hearts, trumps diamonds. trumps clubs. This way you add more complexity to the game. You can even sort of play bridge trying to win the most hands. You can bid how many tricks you think you will win.

So, while poker is one idea, a tricks winning game is another.

Let's say Leora is the Queen of Hearts, Nora the queen of spades, etc.

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One other important issue before I go to bed. How do we deal" cards to people either in a poker type game or a bridge type game? If they just print out the cards for themselves, they will give themselves the best cards. We need to have some way to randomly "distribute" the cards to people. Is there some kind of way that once the person takes his turn that this thread will randomly assign cards to him? Then, do we just play one on one games, or many at a time? How do we have an up card or a down card. Who deals the cards? Do we play fake money? Gambling would probably be illegal (my law stuff). But virtual or fake money which can't be used should be ok.

A lot of these questions have to be resolved either by tech or by careful planning. Once we solve the problem of random dealing of cards, we can solve a lot of the other issues. There must be some software that can do this.

Speak to you tomorrow Foamy.

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Well, mr1010, we could do all sorts of things with this concept. Standard playing cards, Trading cards, Pokemon or Magic cards, or even an Old Maid's deck for the kids. The trading cards could be released over a long period of time, perhaps once a week on a day when traffic here is slower -- "New Trading Card posted! Collect them all!"

The game idea you posted in the Ilona & Layla apartment discussion thread would work; it would only requires assigning a House Dealer. The decks could be dealt with a time/date stamp every game (just so nobody cheats too much by pulling out cards from a previous game), and then officiated by the dealer who would record the wagers.

If it took off, we could maybe get Admin's help in setting up a cheap server that could handle the games as an app and sell advertising. After that, we could do a Fantasy RLC web-site where you guess what the different tenants will do (don't worry about picking a tenant who gets an injury -- Efim and Bogdan and Adriana are doing fine sex wise, despite their injured arms.)

This could be interesting and it would be a more creative use of our time. It's also ideas and projects like this that launch new web sites.

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Nice work, Chiller. This way we could all get a deck, or a bunch of decks, with all our favorite ladies on the common back. In fact, collect ALL the virtual decks, and print them out on your own color printer. I could have my Nora and Leora decks, and Mikey could have his Rita & Irma decks. Might be hard to explain to the wife and kids, however...

For the card front, the girl's face could be photoshopped into the face of the queen, or whatever.

For poker, the players would select a certain time (adjusted for time zones) for the hands to be played, probably starting with the Private Message system. The House Dealer would deal the cards (using a real deck and then matching that with our CC virtual deck, and send them to each player via PM. The House Dealer wouldn't play, but would know what had been dealt to whom, so there would no need for a time stamp. Then, the house dealer could record the wagers on a spreadsheet, keep a running tally for regular players, and post that final image in a dedicated thread so everybody would know where they stood. Other card games could work in a similar way.

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What if RLC finds out about these cards? Anyone consulted with them?

Not trying to throw a stink about it I like the idea.

Whelp, as long as we don't use them elsewhere or sell them, they're no different from any other pirated picture we have on CC as it is.
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