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Bathroom Phoning

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After I had finished the Maya megapost, I thought I'd check in on RLC one last time before going to bed 10.00 a.m. on her clock, but she was not in the LR. OK, I thought, she's retired to the BeR and maybe Paul's left really early, but then I spotted the bedsheet. She normally carries that with it unless she intends to return. I concluded that she might be in the BaR so I would wait to see what she did. It was a highly unusual time for her to be awake so I wondered if she had had a quick bate like she did a few nights ago.

She was in the BaR but not showering. Then for most of the morning sometimes in the rest of the flat but mainly in the BaR she was on the phone. The sole reason for taking calls in the BaR is that you do not want the audience to hear and there must have been about an hour of that this morning. once more she went out without showering as she had done yesterday but today came back with some food.

I am sure you all have your theories and it was probably innocent but:

1. She is almost always asleep at this time.

2. She never made it to the BeR

3. She took many calls

4. Those calls were generally long

5. She mainly talked where there is no sound recording

6. in the afternoon with Paul back she has spent time under the bed sheet as though it is much later, or earlier.

Explain, please.

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