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RLC Withdrawal


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Some time ago I decided I would stop RLC and CC dominating my time in February as I felt 6 months of admittedly watching what I want to watch was quite enough. I decided Feb 21st was a good last day as it was the first Sunday after the 6 months.

The first day has not gone so well. I always intended to watch Leora if I happened to be awake until either she left, Paul returned, or it was clear Paul wan't going to leave. I missed her initial bit of nudity but then she gave quite a decent kitty display which I shall not be posting.

She and Paul left and I thought I was safe but then I noticed Adele was back. If there is 1 girl I want to see naked or at least in that incredible non-underwear that she has worn upstairs it is Adele. Well she had some of less attractive panties on today but being topless with cream on her face made it impossible for me to resist watching and posting. I briefly checked on Masha as well.

Now Leora has returned and it only took one glance at her top for me to believe she was bottomless and though I missed the to-ing and fro-ing after Paul's bath with the sheet, I nevertheless feel compelled to check in on her lying on the couch every so often. K.Lane has posted some pictures.

Hopefully I'll be a bit more disciplined tomorrow. Clearly I won't abandon CC nor will I stop dropping in on RLC in hope but my days of near continuous recording and mega posting are at an end. Short of making the 2Ks bathroom free view, I should be a ble to fight temptation.

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It would be rude not to mention the very good time I have had on this board even with political arguments. Only 2.5 people have ever annoyed me on here and despite strong opinions this board is exceptionally civilised as befits the mature nature of many members.

Thanks to the people who I have PMed in the past: woodland creatures, former dogs, a certain very kind fellow UK citizen and my French friends.

Also the great picture posters in particular Hope and euromike and the video posters.

Stone Cold has been top class at being vigilant and helpful and seemed to be the only one spending more time on here than me.

Finally thanks to all those who liked my work. I do appreciate it. There are not that many who took the trouble apart from my fellow posters and a special mention to long term Leora supporter bubbleobill (have I got your name right).

And extra final word to all the women and men of RLC who let us into their lives especially Leora, Nelly and Masha.

This sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech with no orchestra to make me stop typing. If I ever not mentioned everybody, I just have to stop somewhere and you know who you are.

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